Work Licence Application Brisbane

What is a Work Licence?

A work licence is a restricted driving licence that allows you to drive to work during a period of mandatory disqualification when your regular licence has been cancelled due to a drink or drug driving offence.


Restrictions on a work licence

The court can decide to impose a variety of restrictions on how a work licence can be used by you. The magistrate may impose limits on:

o the times you can drive
o what class of vehicle you’re allowed to drive
o the purpose for which you can drive
o who you can carry as a passenger in your vehicle

You may also be required to wear a work uniform and complete a logbook.


Am I eligible to apply?

There are a number of requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for a work licence.
o You must have a current Queensland open licence; and
o At the time of the offence, you:
• had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of less than 0.15
• weren’t charged with DUI drug driving
• weren’t driving for your job
• didn’t not already have a work licence
• hadn’t been convicted of drink driving or similar offence in the past five years
• hadn’t had a licence suspended or cancelled in the past five years
• were driving a motor vehicle you were authorised to drive, according to the conditions of your licence
• had a BAC that exceeded 0% while driving a truck or taxi


What information needs to be provided to the court?

You’ll be required to prepare an affidavit for the Court stating why you need a work licence. The affidavit must include details about your personal, work, financial and driving circumstances.

If you’re not self-employed, you’ll need to provide an additional affidavit from your employer, stating that you’ll lose your job if you don’t have a licence.

You’ll also need to demonstrate to the court that:
a) You’re a fit and proper person; and
b) If you’re not granted a work licence, you and your family will suffer extreme hardship due to not being able to earn a living.


Should I ask a lawyer to represent me?

Simply, yes.
Traffic offences in Queensland are treated very seriously by the courts. The magistrate will not be flexible or tolerant if any part of your application doesn’t meet the many required standards.
You won’t be allowed to reapply if your application is rejected. This means that it’s important to get experienced, competent legal advice as soon as possible if you need to apply for a work licence.

Why choose Cullen Lawyers to act on my behalf?


Engaging Cullen Lawyers means that all submissions will be presented in the most effective way.
Our attention to detail means that we have a second-to-none success rate in achieving success for our clients – both in application approvals and minimising the disqualification period.
We will guide you through the process from start to finish, making everything as stress free as possible.