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Cullen Lawyers regularly represent our clients in QLD and NSW courts on matters relating to criminal law and family law. We have the in-depth legal experience to help you understand and defend your legal matters. Our team will listen and build a case that supports you through every step of your legal matter. We pride ourselves on our service.

Why is Urgent Professional Advice Important?

Seeking professional advice is crucial in any legal matter. If you don’t seek advice, you may be significantly impacting your case, family, life or livelihood. Our legal team take great pride in providing the best possible representation for our clients.

Our Specialist Services Include:

Criminal Defence


Bail Applications: Magistrates and Supreme Court Appeal and Bail, Assaults, Murder and Manslaughter, Weapons Act Offences, Drug offences, trafficking and possession, Burglary, Armed Robbery, Fraud, Sex Offences, Investigate Hearings (ASIC, CCC, ACIC), Criminal Confiscations Proceedings.


Our specialist family legal services include but are not limited to: Divorce Applications, Property Settlement, Spousal Maintenance, Child Custody/Parenting Arrangements, Separation, De Facto relationships.

Family Law
Domestic Violence Lawyer


Many people in domestic violence situation do not realise that domestic violence is not merely physical violence. Swearing or even name calling is an act of domestic violence, and if you are feeling at threat, we can help issues an urgent Protection Order.


Our specialist traffic law services include: Work Licence Applications, Special Hardship Orders, Demerit Point Suspended, Drug Driving, Drink Driving, Disqualified Driving.

Traffic Law Brisbane