Steve McCrohon

  1. What is a fun fact about you?

I love a great day out, particularly at the races and I am the epitome of the bad punter but love to give the ‘good oil’ on the ‘next winner’.

  1. Why do you enjoy Cullen Lawyers?

I am obviously very new to the firm, however, it’s already evident the firm has a strong, professional and dedicated group of people involved in the operation.

The professionalism of the group is easy to see and this assists in the personal development of the whole team. For me this is an encouraging and stabilising factor. It also allows the group to work harmoniously, in tandem for the benefit of the client base.

  1. Why are Cullen Lawyers a good team?

I have spent a great deal of my life in teams, whether professionally as a soldier, in other professional endeavours or while playing sport. In my short time at Cullen Lawyers I have been able to observe, listen and learn from the group. The group is diverse in age and experiences, all are comfortable in their positions and display a keen willingness to assist others.

The firm is not micro managed, individuals are given a responsibility, given the required resources and allowed get on with their role. Questions and requests for assistance are received in a positive manner, this allows the group to bond and not fear rejection for any deficiency in knowledge. Positive outcomes are achieved.

For the observer, It’s easy to identify that the individual works for the group, who in turn strive to benefit the firm, which in turn enhances the professional capability of the individual.  It’s a positive cycle and terrific aspect of this organisation.

  1. What community work do you do?

I am involved with the veteran community. In particular, I am the Vice President of the 8th/9th Battalion Association. The association provides fellowship and welfare support to ex members of the 8th/9th Battalion and if needed provides some welfare support to current serving members of the Battalion, or their families.

  1. What ambitions do you have?

I am an ambitious person, regardless of my age and position in life, I have always sought personal development and strength in position. I believe these two characteristics drive me to achieve better outcomes, both personally and organisationally.

In saying this, my greatest ambition is to develop into a (very) good lawyer, and a reliable, determined and committed member of the team at Cullen Lawyers.

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