Wills and Estate Lawyers Brisbane

  • It is extremely important to have a will as it provides you the opportunity to decide how your Estate is distributed and who distributes your Estate. Your wishes, religious beliefs and other considerations can be included in your will before you pass away.
  • Making and having a will has numerous benefits for you and your family such as:
  1. You get to have your say as to what you want to occur when you pass away.
  2. the distribution of your estate to the beneficiaries is much faster. This means the people you want to benefit or be provided for when you pass away will be looked after, quicker.
  3. You will help your family to be provided for as you want; and
  4. The stress on your family is greatly reduced as they will know what you want them to do for you.

You may also want help with Grants of Probate, an Enduring Power of Attorney and Letters of Administration. Get in touch with Cullen Lawyers effective estates lawyers today.

Left out of a will or want further and better provision from the Estate?

  • Administrators, financial dependants, beneficiaries and relatives need to know what might be involved if a dispute arises for example by reason of potential beneficiaries left out of a relative’s will
  • The law in Queensland provides the ability for family members or dependants who suffer hardship because they have been overlooked or inadequately provided for in a will, to bring an action for provision of the estate to them. A will can be created however a person may please but that doesn’t mean others can’t exercise their right to challenge it.

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Want to obtain probate and need help?

  • Probate is the Supreme “Courts” recognition that a will is legally valid. Probate isn’t always required for estate administration. However, instances where Probate is most required include dealings with banks and shares registries. These organisations generally, need to sight a grant of probate before releasing estate assets.

You may also want help with preparing or amending your Will or appointing an enduring power of attorney. Preparing an enduring a power of attorney allows you to nominate how you would like to have your personal, financial, and health care matters managed, by the appointed person on your behalf.

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Want to challenge a will or think the will is suspicious?

  • Disputing a will can seem like a daunting and stressful task. We offer a free initial consult. Meet with one of our experienced and effective Estates lawyers to assess the strength of your case. We can do no win no fee if you have a case that is strong enough. We’ll explain how we think we can run your case to get the best possible outcome with minimal stress.